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At TCG, we believe in growing together. We create a space for children, parents and friends who embrace learning and share the vision of building a community that is happy and safe. We incorporate outdoor trips, exhibitions, events and a volunteer program for parents and friends. 


We celebrate festivals and our focus is to learn about the why’s and how’s of the festivals – such as about light and dark at Diwali. Parents are part of many celebrations and we enjoy the togetherness. 


We run a Parent Volunteer Program where parents are invited to help with different tasks/activities at the school so they can contribute their time and skills for the benefit of all children. Children enjoy when they have a surprise storyteller, or a parent they do a special project with. Sometimes children, facilitators and a parent do simple things such as deep clean a room together.

The Community Volunteer Program helps us to get professionals on board where we are able to add value to the projects children are a part of. We often collaborate with our friends and professionals to get expert/special skills support to work with children – for example, getting a professional architect on board to construct the farmhouse with mini bricks procured from the architecture college as part of the CG2 farm project.


Coffee Evenings

We pick up topics relevant to child development and rearing, invite speakers and hold coffee evenings for parents of our school children and also others in the city. Pediatric basic life support training, an evening on conflict resolution in children, getting our heads around early childhood development amongst others are topics we have presented.


Our Art Exhibition of the artworks made by our children is something our entire school community is proud of; which is open to a large audience to visit and appreciate. The aim is to make the child the center and take pride in what they create. The community came together beautifully to make this happen in August 2019 in the first annual art exhibition last year and added joy to the child's experience. We continue to collect art work throughout the year and will showcase them annually at the Annual Art Exhibition.

UNCLONE was an event that brought like-minded creative businesses in the city together, to showcase quality experiences and offerings which not only would help parents with parenting techniques, present options for children in areas such as education, games, skill development and food, but also create a memorable visual, olfactory and auditory experience for children and their families.This event focused on showcasing concepts in early years education and modern-day parenting through displays and interactions with experts; every experience created was thought-provoking and challenged a traditional mindset associated with learning. Every energy is gracefully embraced and we are grateful for the love and participation we receive! 

Internship Programmes

We do encourage select summer and winter interns at the school with agreed predefined learning outcomes. Alex and Philip visited us from  Germany for one month in the summer of 2018 to learn about alternative schooling and left us with some brilliant observations about how our democratic learning model was helping our children grow globally.

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