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Blended Schooling


Blended Schooling

​TCG is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early years education, based on the Image of the Child.

The COVID Pandemic has necessitated us to think out of the box and establish innovative schooling techniques that will ensure that children stay on the learning curve and very importantly continue to be happy learning with the limitations that the pandemic brings with it.

The blended schooling model is a combination of online and on-ground schooling. On-ground school for children and parents will be arranged with all COVID precautions and as directed by the Government.


This schooling programme is based on a robust partnership between facilitators and parents to enable children to learn interactively and meaningfully. Parents will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to facilitate children's learning at home holistically. 


The programme focuses on global development - Cognitive, Literacy and Numeracy, Physical, and Social-Emotional Development.


A majority of our learning experience in this programme is through Project Based Learning, our focus is on the development of 21st Century life skills


Enrollment Details & Booking

CG1 (Playgroup)
CG2 (Nursery)
CG3 (KG1)
CG4 (Kg2)
Class 1

02 Years to 03 Years
03 Years to 04 Years
04 Years to 05 Years
05 Years to 06 Years
06 Years to 07 Years

Please get in touch with us for the exact age criterion and the new age recommendations from the Government of Maharashtra.

 Programme Details

  • This is a five day a week programme, which will have online and offline interventions every day

  • The time of the programme depends on the age and class

    • CG1: 9.30 am - 11.45 am

    • CG2, CG3, CG4, Class 1: 10.30 am- 11.45 am

  • Feely Box – Learning Materials required for the programme will be sent home in a Feely Box and or via a distance learning modality

  • Observations will be made daily, discussed with parents and a combined draft between parents and facilitators will be put together to track development  

  • Big and small projects that will run over the course of the entire year, will be an integral part of the programme.

  • Audios or Videos for children will be sent to parents on a WhatsApp number provided.

  • Parent Education Programme has been designed to educate and equip parents in principles of early childhood education & development. It is mandatory for all school parents to attend.

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