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2 - 3.5 Years
Monday to Friday
09:30 to 12:30

A day at School

Outdoor Time

Hello Song

Circle Time

Snack Time

Work Time

Small Group Activity Time

Story Time


The CG-1 program is designed to integrate a two-year-old into the school environment and work with the children on learning to live and learn outside of their familiar home settings. Children of this age love to engage with sensory play as a way to learn about their environments and that is plenty here.


The focus is on the global development of every child - physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. The activities and the work areas are carefully set up with different goals every day that help to anchor children and allow for overall development.

The classrooms are divided into different areas which the children are free to choose to work in - Art, Reading, House, Construction, Kitchen, Outdoor, Numeracy and Literacy areas; and are equipped with plenty of manipulatives including natural materials such as sea shells, pinecones, dry leaves, twigs, sticks, feathers, natural blocks amongst others.

Role of the Facilitator

Working with children to learn to walk, talk and learn about themselves is a beautiful experience. A loving, caring, safe and happy environment is the most essential requirement especially for this age group – and facilitators who can provide that level of care and attention to the needs of every small child are a part of the CG1 classrooms. Observation is an integral part of facilitation.


While we wait for the situation to normalise post pandemic, to reopen the school, we're successfully running Online Programmes. While you #work from home, let your child #learnfromhome

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