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HERD Group

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The Children’s Garden Preschool is a venture of the HERD Educational and Medical Research Foundation, section 25 company 2006. HERD Foundation is a not for profit organization committed to conceptualizing and delivering initiatives in Health, Education, Rural Uplift and Social, Civic and Economic Development. The foundation believes that an integrated and participatory approach is the best way forward that can create a ‘viral effect’ towards development.

As a venture in creative social entrepreneurship, HERD aims to empower communities to help themselves. The Foundation aims to invest in innovative and sustainable projects that have wide reach and high return on human resource investment. Such projects will deliver tangible and long-term benefits to the fragile socio-economic ecosystems in India.

Other Initiatives of the HERD Foundation are the Life Support Training Syndicate (LSTS) that is concerned with life support training to medical and non-medical personnel. Rural and Tribal Health centers, Rural Career Development Programmes, Specialty Health Camps amongst others are initiatives of HERD Foundation.

HERD Group of Companies is a group of social businesses headquartered in Nagpur. Dr Amol Deshmukh, MD and Dr Suchika Gupta, MD co-founded the HERD Group of companies - HERD Medical Foundation Pvt. Ltd. and HERD Medical and Education Research Foundation were registered in 2006; since then we have grown to include different business entities.


Collectively they offer services in Health Care, Education, Technologies, Organic Farming and Organised School Transport sectors.

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