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The gift of a Chocolate Factory

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Teacher's Day is special and the one in 2019 was very memorable for me. One of my children brought a card for me which had tiny letters traced by him; he hugged me and said Happy Teacher's Day. Another of my children was looking and said she forgot that it was Teacher's Day; it was a big deal for her. She did not say anything about it the entire school day but before home time she came to me and said, 'maine toh card nahi banaya, abhi mai kya karu?', I gently proposed blocks as an alternative to her and told her that whatever she makes l will like it. She worked for the next almost 1.5hrs with complete sincerity and precision to make a heart shaped chocolate factory; as an adult I found the balance created with those blocks was difficult to achieve. She told me that the heart shaped chocolate factory is my gift for the Teacher's Day and I can take as many chocolates as I want! The single-minded focus this 4yr old girl displayed to create this very complex construction as a gift she very keenly wanted to create………only goes to show that if a 4 year old is inspired she can create beyond your and her own imagination; a very real story for me to see self-inspired learning in action.

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