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While teaching other, we teach ourselves

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

In a regular telephonic conversation with a friend, she asked me genuinely curious questions – do your virtual classrooms actually do any good for children? Do you think children are learning? Are they able to understand you through this medium?

I told her that to begin with I myself had my doubts, with all the ambiguities and suddenness of this Pandemic. And shared a beautiful reassuring example – of a virtual class where we were tracing our bodies with a feather and eyes closed on the last day of the weeklong Human Body topic in our Science and Art virtual classroom. The children’s responses on how they felt left me reflecting; a girl said "I am so amazed that I could see all the body parts even with my eyes closed"; a boy said "It felt like I'm taking a bath", another girl said "My body parts do so much for me and yet I never thank them". A genuine relationship, the right intent and a willingness to go all out is all that was needed for us to create a positive space for children and they understand ……a child understands the best.

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